Christin Brecher launches her new book Photo Finished

While some people escape into books or music, Liv Spyers escapes through her camera’s lens, which inspires her to jump into things she might otherwise have no business tackling—like moving to New York City. Hustling to make her dreams come true as a portrait photographer, she runs a pocket-sized studio below her grandparents’ West Village[read more...]

Caroline Coleman launches her debut If I Were A Tiger

Meet Tim Bone. He has a big imagination, and when it roams wild, he’s afraid of a lot of things. He's scared of the moon and the wailing typhoon, and he won't wear his sneakers because he fears hidden creatures. Tim's nervous at home, at school, and at play! Fed up with being frightened, Tim[read more...]

Celebrate the publication of I Love (ish) New York with author Ali Solomon

There is no city quite like New York City, for better or worse. I Love(ish) New York is a hilarious relatable collection of essays, illustrations, and cartoons about the always interesting, sometimes frustrating, and endlessly entertaining quirks of living in the Big Apple. Despite the notorious six-floor walk-ups and unrequited love found in all the wrong dive[read more...]

Kate Manning reads from her new book Gilded Mountain

In a voice full of questions and sly humor, Sylvie recounts the story of leaving her family’s snowbound mountain cabin to work in the local manor house for the Padgetts, owners of the marble mining company that employs her father and dominates the town. Sharp-eyed Sylvie is awed by the luxury around her, fascinated by[read more...]

Molly Peacock reads from her new book A Friend Sails in on a Poem

For the last forty-five years, the distinguished poets Molly Peacock and Phillis Levin have read and discussed nearly every poem they have written--an unparalleled friendship in poetry. Here Peacock collects her most important essays on poetic form and traces the development of her formalist aesthetic across their lifelong back-and-forth.

Maya Popa reads from her new collection of poems Wound is the Origin of Wonder

“This book is an astonishment. In ravishing, formally exploratory poems, Maya C. Popa wields the lyric like a reparative scalpel, evoking wonder and woundedness in equal measure: ‘It’s plain we didn’t see / the future coming,’ she announces. Searching for a spring that brings renewal, lamenting ‘snow / that vanishes with touch,’ her poems register[read more...]

Suzette Sheft celebrates the publication of her debut Running for Shelter

Running for Shelter is written by Inge's 15-year-old granddaughter, Suzatte Sheft. The gripping, true story offers a window through which young adult readers can witness the challenges of growing up during the Holocaust. As this important chapter of history fades from living memory, Inge's tale offers hope to a new generation who must also cultivate[read more...]

Willie Mae Brown reads from her debut My Selma

As the civil rights movement and the fight for voter rights unfold in Selma, Alabama, many things happen inside and outside the Brown family’s home that do not have anything to do with the landmark 1965 march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Yet the famous outrages which unfold on that span form an inescapable backdrop[read more...]

Elinor Lipman reads from her latest novel Ms. Demeanor

Ms. Demeanor A Novel Elinor Lipman Hardcover List Price: 27.99* * Individual store prices may vary. Jane Morgan is a valued member of her law firm—or was, until a prudish neighbor, binoculars poised, observes her having sex on the roof of her NYC apartment building.  Police are summoned, and a punishing judge sentences her to six months of home confinement. With Jane now[read more...]

Celebrate the publication of The Fifth Hero with Bill Doyle

The Calamity Corporation is determined to end life on Earth as we know it. The company has built hotels that orbit Earth and small cities on the moon and has plans to move the human population to Mars. The sinister corporation is determined to ruin Earth so that people have no choice but to leave[read more...]