Special Orders:

Books can be special ordered, by phone or email, at no extra charge, and normally take only a day or two to arrive. Free delivery is also available within our delivery zone.

Free Delivery:

We offer free delivery to doormen buildings, Monday – Friday, on the Upper East Side, from 110th Street to 59th Street.

Book Baskets:

We customize gift baskets for any occasion, from new baby to graduation. You can choose the books yourself or leave it to us.

Gift Wrap:

We have a variety of gift wrapping paper available and all gift wrapping is free of charge.

House Charges:

Whether you are in the store or on the phone, think of all the time you will save yourself by just saying, “Put it on my account.”

Gift Certificates:

You will never have to worry about the right book to choose with a Corner Bookstore Gift Certificate.