Julian Tepper reads from his latest novel Cooler Heads

Julian Tepper's fourth novel, Cooler Heads, is a story about modern love. With a triangulation of lovers and spouses, young children and careers struggling to get off the ground, in Celia and Paul we encounter two people in that pocket of life when the fight to figure out who we are and what we want burns[read more...]

Roxana Robinson reads from her upcoming novel Leaving

Leaving charts a passage through loyalty and desire as it builds to a shattering conclusion. In her boldest and most powerful work to date, Roxana Robinson demonstrates her “trademark gifts as an intelligent, sensitive analyst of family life” (Wendy Smith, Chicago Tribune) in an engrossing exploration of the vows we make to one another, the tensile relationships[read more...]

Clare McHugh reads from her latest novel, The Romanov Brides

From the author of A Most English Princess comes The Romanov Brides, a moving and fascinating portrait of two bold and spirited royal sisters, bringing imperial Russia to vivid life—a dazzling, decadent world on the brink of disappearing forever.