Derek V. Schuster launches his first book Youth in Jeopardy

In this complex world of today, with so many "at risk" tweens and teens grappling with issues, problems and crises, can a fresh perspective on their trials and tribulations help to turn them around? Shelves and shelves of books have been written about children who are at risk of violent and criminal behavior, but their[read more...]

Phillip Lopate launches his latest book My Affair with Art House Cinema

Phillip Lopate fell hard for the movies as an adolescent. As he matured into an acclaimed critic and essayist, his infatuation deepened into a lifelong passion. My Affair with Art House Cinema presents Lopate's selected essays and reviews from the last quarter century, inviting readers to experience films he found exhilarating, tantalizing, and beguiling--and sometimes disappointing or[read more...]