Cynthia Zarin reads from her new poetry collection Next Day

Beginning with several dozen new poems that have appeared in The New Yorker, among other publications, this volume is a tour through Zarin's five exquisitely made collections, beginning with The Swordfish Tooth, published in 1989. Zarin, a poet in the line of Elizabeth Bishop, allows the reader to experience human truths through a poem's shape and music,[read more...]

Elizabeth L. Block launches her new book Beyond Vanity

In the nineteenth century, the complex cultural meaning of hair was not only significant, but it could also impact one's place in society. After the Civil War, hairdressing was also a growing profession and the hair industry a mainstay of local, national, and international commerce. In Beyond Vanity, Elizabeth Block expands the nascent field of hair[read more...]

Carolyn Jack launches hew debut novel The Changing of Keys

With his father dead, a gifted, fourteen-year-old pianist finds himself sent away from his Caribbean home against his will, to study classical music in the U.S. with a family friend he's never met. His first angry, frightened step away from the controlling mother he's never been able to reach becomes a sharp break with her[read more...]

Benjamin Sweet launches his new book The Picture Not Taken

In an age when most of us carry a device seemingly capable of freeze-framing the world, Benjamin Swett writes with refreshing clarity on the way of the true photographer. The Picture Not Taken combines cultural criticism with personal revelation to examine how the lived experience of photography can endow the mundane with meaning while bringing attention to[read more...]