Clare McHugh reads from her latest novel, The Romanov Brides

From the author of A Most English Princess comes The Romanov Brides, a moving and fascinating portrait of two bold and spirited royal sisters, bringing imperial Russia to vivid life—a dazzling, decadent world on the brink of disappearing forever.

Kate Feiffer reads from her new book Morning Pages

Elise Hellman was once heralded by audiences and critics as a "playwright to watch." Then they forgot all about her. When a prestigious theater company unexpectedly offers her a generous commission to write a new play, she has an opportunity to turn her career around. With sixty-five days left until her deadline, Elise starts scribbling[read more...]

Debbie Babitt reads from her new thriller The Man on the Train

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Linda Haley is awakened early one morning by two police officers at the door. She has no idea that her husband has been living a secret life during his daily commute from Scarsdale into the city. Now Guy is the prime suspect in a brutal murder that could derail Linda's high-powered[read more...]

Teddy Wayne reads from his latest novel The Winner

Conor O'Toole has never been anywhere as casually glamorous as Cutters Neck, a gated community near Cape Cod. It's a sweet deal for the summer: free lodging in a guest cottage in exchange for tennis lessons, luxuriously far from the cramped Yonkers apartment he shares with his diabetic mother. In this oceanfront paradise, however, new[read more...]